Intelligent Qubot Mega - Auto Tracking HD Security Camera
Intelligent Qubot Mega - Auto Tracking HD Security Camera
Intelligent Qubot Mega - Auto Tracking HD Security Camera
Intelligent Qubot Mega - Auto Tracking HD Security Camera
Intelligent Qubot Mega - Auto Tracking HD Security Camera
Intelligent Qubot Mega - Auto Tracking HD Security Camera

Intelligent Qubot Mega - Auto Tracking HD Security Camera

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Take Control Of Your Security With Our New Auto Tracking Technology!

When you think of a burglary you'd be forgiven for picturing a criminal climbing out onto a ladder with a 52" TV on their back, but the reality is different. Burglars do not want to bring attention to themselves, they'll often be in and out within the space of a minute or two grabbing whatever small valuables they can get their hands on. 

What if we told you that you could have peace of mind knowing you had an extra pair of eyes? What if we told you that you could install a security system in under 10 minutes and at an unbeatable price? Well now you can with Qubot; our new auto tracking security camera! 

Our new security camera keeps an eye out for your home and belongings and is equipped with a motion sensor that allows it to automatically track any intruders up to 30 ft away and sends a notification to your phone when it detects any unusual activity.

Our new AI tracking technology automatically tracks any moving object (intruders, pets, babies) and centres the moving object in the viewing plane. It automatically returns to the pre-setting location after 10 seconds when motion is no longer detected. This auto tracking technology gives it a 355 degree field of vision and would certainly scare off any opportunistic burglar who spots it, lets face it, being tracked by a camera is scary for anyone that's up to no good!

The camera's sleek modern design is simplistic and unlike other security cameras won't look out of place in your home. The included app also supports multiple auto tracking cameras; this allows you to have multiple views and view them all from one intuitive split screen on your phone. Complete security that is accessible to anyone.

Whether you want to keep an eye out for intruders, make sure your grandparents are okay, use it as a baby monitor or just want to deter the kids from doing the wrong things. This new technology has you covered and allows you to install a full-featured, remotely operated security system in your home, office, garage or backyard in a few minutes, no wiring or drilling needed. This camera is the best option for people interested in surveillance but not ready to build or spend hundreds installing permanent fixtures or a storage network.

Full List Of Features: 

EASY INSTALLATION - Anyone can build a security system of nearly any complexity. It's as simple as screwing in a light 

720P HD CAMERA VIEW - Get high definition real time streaming of everything in the camera’s view. 

RECORD VIDEO - Qubot not only streams in real time but also allows you to record video and store it for later use. 

FREE TO DOWNLOAD APP - The Qubot connects to your WiFi and streams live video accessed via our free and easy to use app (that means no monthly fees!). You're only ever one tap away from real time viewing on your phone. (Iphone and Android compatible).

MOTION DETECTOR - The built in motion detector will alert you if it detects any motion and give you a notification (this can be turned on and off). Let Qubot be your extra pair of eyes.  

2 WAY SOUND SYSTEM - Should you ever need to speak to that pesky package thief, or let your kids know they shouldn't be going through the drawers. The Qubot allows you to speak through the camera and lets you hear what's going on through your phone.

NIGHT VISION - The Qubot Mega comes loaded with fully featured night vision; it will keep you safe even in pitch black darkness!

AVAILABLE IN 3 COLORS - Coming in black, white and yellow; you're sure to find a style that suits you. 

The Intelligent Qubot Mega gives you an all in one complete solution that makes surveillance accessible to anyone and puts the security of your home, office or business at your fingertips. 


30 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee! 

We're so confident that Qubot will exceed your expectations that we provide a 30 day risk free money back guarantee! Don't like the product? Just send it back within the 30 day period for a full refund. Our mission is to make your experience as easy, secure and straightforward as possible. 

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