Why us?

DETER-NET was founded by Martin Elliot after his family home suffered a break-in in 2007. Nothing of value was taken but as you can imagine having your personal space where you and your family are supposed to feel safe being broken in to can turn your world upside down.

Martin went on to eventually build a team that set out with home safety as number one priority. After 6 years of development our DETER-NET hidden security camera was finished, being developed on the principles of security, quality, simple design, modern convenience and importantly affordability. We believe everyone should feel secure no matter your budget. 

We use innovative ideas with modern design craftsmanship to consistently set the standard for next-generation security. DETER-NET is now available in over 50 retailers world wide and we ship world wide via our USA warehouse to over 150 countries!

Trust our team of experts to help you stay ahead of the curve, and always be on the cutting edge of technology. Join our product revolution as we continuously challenge what is possible in your life and help bring a sense of security worldwide.