Questions and Answers

Can this product be used outside/outdoor? 

Deter-net isn't waterproof, it can be used outside but we recommend keeping it in a place where the rain won't get to it. 

Is there a monthly fee with the app?

As difficult as the decision was, we've chosen to keep the app completely free. That means free to download and no recurring fees ever. 

A replacement bulb? 

The light bulb uses LED lights, these lights have an estimated life expectancy of over 50,000 hours. If you use the light bulb consistently for 10 hours a day it would give it an estimated 13 years of life, much longer than a normal light bulb. There are no replacement bulbs, so come back after 13 years when you need another one!

Does Deter-net need Wifi?

Yes, the light bulb must be connected to a Wifi connection to work.