The Importance of Home Surveillance

It’s easy to sit at home and watch the latest criminal busting police tv series and get the impression that if your home were to be visited by a burglar all it would take is one quick phone call and the police would be there to save the day, lock up that criminal and make you feel secure. In reality though, police response times have steadily become slower and it isn’t unusual to have to wait over an hour after calling the police before anyone even shows up at your door. Secondly, it is quite shocking at the lacklustre attitude shown by many police detectives on the job nowadays, you’re just a number on the list of 2 million burglaries that are reported every year. It is for this reason that most property crimes go unsolved, shoved in a folder in a filing cabinet somewhere with all the other crimes they didn’t bother to properly look in to.

What most people don’t know is that they are usually the prime suspect when it comes to home burglaries. Homeowners are often subjected to long questioning sessions and they oblige, because why wouldn’t they? It’s the police right? they’re here to make things better, not knowing that they’re actually being suspected of pulling off an insurance job.

If the police can’t find any quick links between the homeowner and an insurance job, then straight into the filing cabinet they go. Its unfortunate, but that’s why burglars exist. They rarely rob one or two houses, it’s usually years and years of burglaries before they finally get caught or ride off into the sunset passing on their skills to the next burglar in the making.

Taking your security into your own hands, is the first step to a safer household and safer family. Surveillance is a game changer and it is why most places you go to nowadays have cameras everywhere, it’s hard to argue with video evidence.

When you think of a home robbery you would be forgiven for imagining the sight of a burglar with a ladder coming down from a window holding a 52” TV. In reality; burglars never take anything that would bring any attention to them. It’s often small valuables that they can fit into their pocket or into a small bag. That’s what makes burglars so difficult to catch, they go unnoticed and under the radar.

Our homes should be our first priority when it comes to our safety, our homes are where we’re supposed to feel most safe and most secure. Don’t wait until your home is broken into and have your world turned upside down. We recommend everyone choose a home surveillance system, it’s much easier for the police to identify individuals based on video evidence or even catch them in the act. A surveillance camera is a small investment that could really make the difference and puts the ball in your court against those people looking to make a quick buck at your expense.